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Mihai Docea Mihai Docea

Born 29 April 1962 in Bucharest Romania. Graduated from Art High School Nicolae Tonitza in 1980 and in 1985 graduated from Art University Nicolae Grigorescu, section Sculpture.
Member of Union Fine Arts of Romania since 1990
Art has been MIhai’s passion and his reason for being...
At two years old Mihai, was producing work with enough force and technique that some of it ended on friends walls. Life has taken many turns for Mihai, and mostly outside the work that he so much loves. While living in Costa Rica , one of these turns took him into a very profitable business enterprise . Profitable enough to abandon his business and pick up art as his sole endeavor his passion has paid off as he produces work of great originality and dedication.
His sculpture work is highly sought after in Europe and you can see the mastery of his unique style in the work we present to you.
Although most of his work never makes outside Europe, Mihai has had successful shows both in New York and Florida.
Joining our roster is his attempt to reach to a global market and humbly says “ I just want more people to see it”
He has participated in a multitude of art shows in Europe , North America, South America and Asia.
His work can be seen at collections and private patronage in the

U.S.A., Canada, Sweden, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Germany, Belgium, Romania. India & Austria.
His work is also displayed at Salvador Allende Museum in Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Artistically Mihai prefers to sign his work as Eldocea.

HOMAGE (Front)
HOMAGE (Lateral)
Music of my Soul (front)
MUsic of my Soul (Lateral)
In my back yard
Soul Factory
Soul Factory 1
Soul Factory 3
Soul Factory 4
Soul Factory 5
Soul Factory 6
Soul Factory Triptych
The Seed (front)
The Seed (side)
Destiny 3