Talent representatives - Central America, North America, South America, Europe, Asia
About Force Agency

Force Agency was founded on the principals that sometimes talent in itself is just not enough and that YES luck sometimes makes the difference between a well known master an ever struggling artist.

With that in mind, we have set out to scan the world for talent that due to circumstances, geography or just lack of ìnetworkingî. Our artists are fresh, most likely with a very unique style. Some have reached a limited amount of exposure having been found by avid collectors but none of them are household names. And that is our quest, not to wait for a talented Latin American painter to come to a gallery in New York City and beg their way into an audience with a gallery owner.

We pursue these artists, visiting small shows, cultural exchange events keeping an eye open and ear open for the slightest hint that gold is lying just within reach but luck has not been sufficiently strong to bridge the gap. With that in mind, please enjoy our roster.

Most of what you will see are exceptional works by artists whose luck has not kept up with their incredible talent.

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